AppFace UI Development Kits

AppFace UI Development Kits 2.1

Make your apps skinable with a few lines of code

AppFace User Interface Development Kits affords a solution that detaches the art designing from software programming.

The skinning library, is a combination of many skinned controls. It can redraw all the created controls and frame windows in the target application based on the predefined scheme automatically. Each predefined scheme is a skin file. Artists create skin files by AppFace visual skin maker - Skin Tool . Programmers need load and unload the skins only. Several lines source code are enough to build a skinning application! It's so convenient to change the software style and look by switching the skin files.

AppFace UI Development Kits


AppFace UI Development Kits 2.1

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  • hsonio2

    by hsonio2

    "easy to implement"

    the software is very easy and fun to implement with its own ui being so good, i enjoy working with it. More.

    reviewed on November 9, 2009